There are various kind of characters in Professor Layton. Every characters are just peoples that given puzzle, information, relatives, enemie's. Here is a list of characters of each games and the movies.


Hershel Layton

Main article: Hershel Layton

Professor Hershel Layton is the main protogonist of the series. He's a well knowned gentlemen and professor at the Gressenheller University. He does nothing more than drinking tea and solving hard puzzles. Various peoples from various places need his help when there's a verry harsh riddle. Layton never wears his at off, bicause there's something between him and his childhood love.

Luke Triton

Main article: Luke Triton

Luke is Layton's apprentice, at the first meeting between those two, Luke hase no verry intention in him. Later he starts to respects Layton and wanna become his apprentice. He's a verry special kid that talks to animals and he's a so what relationship with Lily Alenbird. He hase a rivality with Remi about who's the best apprentice for Layton.

Curious Village characters

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