Claire Layton

Claire's Main Appearance

Thank you for everything.

-Claire Foley

Claire Foley is a major character in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. She was Layton's girlfriend 1 decade before the events of the game. During the game, she's known as Celeste Foley until the very end. Then everyone found out she was Claire (Dimitri previously knew, though, along with Claire). The day she gave Layton his top hat, she was also killed in a time machine explosion, something Layton never got over for 1 decade


She originally wore a white lab-coat style jacket over a green shirt with green leggings. She also wore pink & white shoes and reading glasses. Her hair is red-brown (sinopia) and is worn down. As Celeste, she wore a blue jacket over a white shirt with a pink scarf and a pearl necklace. She also has black leggings with stripes and blue and white shoes. Her hair is now in a loose ponytail with blue ponytail holders. She also wears a white and pink hat. She also has no glasses anymore.


1 decade before the events of the game, Claire gave Layton his top hat. She worked as a science assistant in a deadly lab. After the presenting, she left for work and was killed in a time machine explosion. It turns out she actually survived, as the time machine worked for a single split second before exploding. She was shot into the present, but the time machine was no longer strong enough to keep her alive by the time they found out the truth about it. She kissed Layton, said good-bye, and walked away. Luke tried to stop her, but by the time he reached her, she'd vanished forever. She'd gone back to the time of the explosion, sealing her fate.


  • As Celeste, she was shown to be more agile.
  • Her Japanese name's Sally. The Japanese name of Celeste is Salias.

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