After the death of the late baron Auguste Reinhold, St. Mystere become's addicted to solving puzzles and wanna know the secret of the Golden Apple and the mysterious tower. Later Lady Dahlia sent Professor Layton a message if he can solve the case of the Golden Apple. Allongside with his apprentice Luke Triton they where heading to St. Mystere to solve the mystery of the Golden Apple. But in the St. Mystere they must gonna solve various of hard puzzles and evenly meet new characters and enemy's.


# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-01 Where's the Town? Automatical Prolugue
Puzzle-02 The Crank and Slot Prolugue

Reinhold Manor Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-03 Strange Hats Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-04 Where's My House? Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-05 Digital Digits Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-06 Light Weight Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-07 Wolves and Chicks Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-08 Farn Work Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzle-09 One Poor Pooch Reinhold Manor Awaits,The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-10 Alphabet Reinhold Manor Awaits,The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-11 Arc and Line Reinhold Manor Awaits,The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-111 Mystery Item Reinhold Manor Awaits, The Fugitive Feline

The Fugitive Feline Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-13 Sinking Ship The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-14 Which Chair? The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-15 How Many Are Left? The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-16 Triangles And Ink The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-17 5 Card Shuffle The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-18 Of Dust and Dustpan The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-19 Parking Lot Gridlock The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-20 Unfriendly Neighbors The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-21 Pill Prescription The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-22 Pigpen Partitions The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-23 Juice Pitchers The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-25 Equilateral Triangle The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-26 Bottle Full of Germs The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-27 Bickering Brothers The Fugitive Feline, The Missing Servant
Puzzle-28 Find the Dot The Fugitive Feline, The Missing Servant
Puzzle-118 Red and Black Cards The Fugitive Feline
Puzzle-112 My Beloved The Fugitive Feline

The Missing Servant Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-24 Milk Pitchers The Missing Servant
Puzzle-29 Five Suspects The Missing Servant
Puzzle-30 One-Line Puzzle The Missing Servant
Puzzle-31 Racetrack Riddle The Missing Servant
Puzzle-32 Candy Jars The Missing Servant
Puzzle-33 Light Which One? The Missing Servant
Puzzle-34 How Many Sheets? The Missing Servant
Puzzle-35 Strange Dots The Missing Servant
Puzzle-36 Too Many Mice The Missing Servant
Puzzle-37 Brother and Sister The Missing Servant
Puzzle-38 Island Hopping The Missing Servant
Puzzle-39 One-Line Puzzle 2 The Missing Servant
Puzzle-40 How Old is Dad? The Missing Servant
Puzzle-41 Spare Change The Missing Servant
Puzzle-42 The Camera and Case The Missing Servant
Puzzle-43 Three Umbrellas The Missing Servant
Puzzle-44 Stamp Stumper The Missing Servant
Puzzle-58 Get the Ball Out 1 The Missing Servant
Puzzle-101 Splitting It Up The Missing Servant
Puzzle-107 A Worm's Dream The Missing Servant
Puzzle-108 Not Knots? The Missing Servant

Night Falls Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-12 Make a rectangle Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-45 Puzzled Aliens Night Falls
Puzzle-46 The Biggest Star Night Falls
Puzzle-47 On The Run Night Falls
Puzzle-48 Cats and Mice Night Falls
Puzzle-49 1,000 times Night Falls
Puzzle-50 OTTF? Night Falls
Puzzle-51 The Town Barbers Night Falls
Puzzle-52 Find a Star Night Falls
Puzzle-53 Fish thief Night Falls
Puzzle-54 Monster! Night Falls
Puzzle-55 The Odd Sandwich Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-56 The Lazy Guard Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-57 Cut Which One? Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-59 The Longest Path Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-60 Weighing Cats Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-61 Pin Board Shapes Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-62 The Mysterious Note Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-63 How Old is Mom? Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-103 Wood Cutouts Night Falls, The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-106 How Many Glasses Night Falls
Puzzle-113 The Pet Hotel Night Falls

The Hunt Begins Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-64 Odd Equations The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-65 What's E? The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-66 Birthday Girl The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-67 The Chocolate Code The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-68 Find the Pentagons The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-69 Chocolate Puzzle The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-70 The Shattered Vase The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-71 Sausage Thief The Hunt Begins
Puzzle-74 A Broken Window The Hunt Begins, The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-75 The Wire Cube The Hunt Begins, The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-93 Over the River The Hunt Begins

The Elusive Tower Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-72 The Sound of Silence The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-73 How Many Squares? The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-76 A Tile Square The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-77 Which Job? The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-78 Water Pitchers The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-79 Apples to Oranges The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-80 Too Many Queens 1 The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-81 Too Many Queens 2 The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-82 Too Many Queens 3 The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-83 Too Many Queens 4 The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-102 Aces and the Joker The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-104 A Sweet Treat The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-109 Laziest Man on Earth The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-110 The Vanishing Cube The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-114 Tetrahedron Trial The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-117 Painting a Cube The Elusive Tower
Puzzle-119 Red and Blue 1 The Elusive Tower

The Abandoned Park Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-84 Which Boxes to Move? The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-85 Weekend Getaway The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-86 Squares and Circles The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-87 Ferris Wheel Riddle The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-88 In a Hole The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-89 Which Way The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-90 Get the Ball Out! 2 The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-115 Odd Box Out The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-116 The Largest Total The Abandoned Park
Puzzle-120 Get The Ball Out! 3 The Abandoned Park

The Shadowy Intruder Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-91 Pattern Matching Prolugue
Puzzle-92 Strange Hats Wash Up
Puzzle-105 Rolling a Three The Shadowy Intruder, The Tower's Secret

The Tower's Secret Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-94 Get The Ball Out 4! The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-95 A Magic Square The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-96 Take the Stairs The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-97 Princess in a Box 1 The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-98 Card Order The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-99 33333! The Tower's Secret
Puzzle-100 Seven Squares The Tower's Secret

Bonus Puzzles

# Puzzle Person Chapter Picarats
Puzzle-121 Diamod in the Flag Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-122 The Next Die Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-123 Tons of Triangles Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-124 Missing Number Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-125 Roll the Die Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-126 Red and Blue 2 Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-127 Perimeter Perplexer Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-128 Number Lock Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-129 Four Balls Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-130 Too Many Queens 5 Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-131 Heavier or Lighter? Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-132 Princess in a Box 2 Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-133 Finish the Equation Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-134 Land Disputes Bonus Professor Layton Challanges
Puzzle-135 The Royal Escape Bonus Professor Layton Challanges

Weekly Puzzles

Every week there where an event of the Professor Layton games. It appeared every week on a sunday if you comunicated with the Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Main article: Curious Village Weekly Puzzles