Don Paolo
Don Paolo
Name Don Paolo
Japanese Name ドヌパオル Donu Paoro
Hometown London
Appearance Curious Village

In the Curious Village he where the mysterious person that entered St. Mystere and stole that Crank and Slot and locked everyone inside St. Mystere. He where shown in the game as a msyetrious person and evenly only you could see where his shadow or not completly his whole face. He shows a big grudge towards Layton for a unknown reason. Paolo where also seen that he's a great master of disguises, wich that he dressed hisself up as Inspector Chelmey and talk evenly the same way as him. Later Layton dicovered him and evenly show his true form to the Reinhold Familly. At the end of the series where destroying the mysterious tower and lost his treasure thanks by Layton.

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