Flora Reinhold
Name Flora Reinhold
Japanese Name アロマ Aroma
Hometown London
Appearance Curious Village

She where borned to the Late Baron August Reinhold and Violet Reinhold, after the death of Flora's mother, her father created a robot that where been look exacly like her mother, but Flora really where scared of her mother when she where young. After the death of Flora's father, in his testamony where written under a riddle that who find out the Golden Apple can have it. She's now under care by Professor Layton. She where been hiding for other peoples in St. Mystere and evenly also warns Layton various times in the game. She where living for various of times alone at the top of the tower. When Layton appears, she where undress her disguise where later the tower where been destroyd by Don Paolo, after that Layton rescues Flora she where verry happy wich that Layton sees that she's the Golden Apple and Flora decided later that she wanna stays by Layton....

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