Professor Layton is harshly populair of the games what Level-5 where created of him. There are 5 games. There where also been announced that there comming 2 new games out somewhere in 2011 and 2012.

Game ListEdit

Gameplay Edit

The game is created of only pizzle solving. The puzzle are taked part of the brain teasers that are loosly tied to the plot, the player must gonna solve a certain number to the progress. There's also a hint systerm included, if you don't not know how to solve the puzzle you can press there one it, but...only if you have hint coins, it can be found almost everywhere in the game and give you limited quantity, to reveal each hint. Each player hase 10 hint coins when they are starting the game.

Wi-Fi SettingsEdit

There's also known that you can unlock new puzzles via Wi-Fi, but you can not get any more picarats, and rather than us the hint coind system, a new hint is shown weekly. You can unlock the puzzles at Thursday at noon (UTC-9).