Hershel Layton
Layton movie
Name Hershel Layton
Japanese Name ハーシェルレイトン Hesheru Reiton
Hometown London
Class Professor of Archeology at Gressenheller University
Appearance Curious Village
"That's what a gentleman does"
—Professor Layton

Hershel Layton (ハーシェルレイトン Hāsheru Reiton) is a professor of Archeology at Gressenheller University. He's a great puzzle solver, various people are confusing him as a detective. His first appearance in the game is the Curious Village but it is originally The Last Time Traveler.He is the series' main character, a stereotypical English gentleman. Layton enjoys solving puzzles and drinking bitter tea. He is a professor of archaeology at London's Gressenheller University, and because of his prowess at solving puzzles and mysteries, he is well-known throughout London and the althroughout the world as well. He also has a recurring quote, being: 'That's what a gentleman does'. He is voiced by Yo Oizumi in Japanese and Christopher Miller in English.


Professor Layton is a very calm person, and he's often angry. He learns everything from his mentor Dr. Andrew Schrader. His old partner was Clair, a girl whom Layton fell in love with, but she died. She gave Layton a signature at the top hat he wears, but Layton never takes his hat off. Three years before the Curious Village, Layton gets a letter from his friend Clark Triton about a mysterious flute that calls up a monster that destroys the whole city. Layton then meets a girl name Remi Altava that becomes Layton's assistant, It might seem that Layton and Remi know eachoter along. But Layton and Remi met eachoter when Remi where stoppeing for the Laytonmobile. What then soon happens they must find out the mystery of the spector's flute. Later where known is that Remi is going to leave Layton to find the kidnapped children. Meanwhile, the second story is not that based on the Professor Layton games. Evenly that Layton gets a letter from Jenis Quatlane, an opera singer and one of Layton's former students. She reports evenly that there where two girls missing from London and evenly Layton must find out who that is, but meanwhile in the opera act, a masked man appears and talks about the eternal life, the loser will die, Layton evenly starts of solving the Puzzle. Layton can do nothign more than solving and give about teaching. Layton is a bitter tea lover, and he doesn't over sweetened or over salty tea.

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