Hershel Layton
Layton movie
Name Hershel Layton
Japanese Name ハーシェルレイトン Hesheru Reiton
Hometown London
Class Professor of Archeology at Gressenheller University
Appearance Curious Village

At the beginning of the series where knowed that the mentor of Layton, Dr. Schrader where been killed by somthing unknown when he where solved the mystery of the box, Layton don't believe such kinds of things wich that he must gonna find it out alongside with Luke. When he find a strange train ticket in the hands of Dr. Schrader, wich that the train ticket hase no any destination where it goes, Layton is going to get in the famous Molentary Express. Wich that he where talking with various of peoples about the mystery's around the killing Pandora Box.

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