Hershel Layton
Layton movie
Name Hershel Layton
Japanese Name ハーシェルレイトン Hāsheru Reiton
Hometown London
Class Teacher of Social studies at Gressenheller Country Day School
Appearance Curious City

Mr. Layton where drinking coffee and heard a strange sound comming, Layton where asking Remi if it is the same sound, evenly they where talking about the God and the Devil's flute. They are hearing a strange sound. Layton where running there and evenly saying What Is that. They where seeing an ant destroying the city. A few days earlier, Mr. Layton received a letter from his brother Clark Layton the uncle of Luke, to go to the estate to find out who the mysterious ant is. He went there directly and meets up with Remi, they where following their road to the estate.

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