Luke Triton
Luke Triton
Name Luke Triton
Japanese Name ルークトライトン Rūku Toraiton
Hometown Mist Harely
Class Assistant and apprentice of Professor Layton
Appearance Curious Village
"Layton's apprentice saves the day!"

Luke Triton (ルークトライトン Rūku Toraiton) is the assistant of Professor Layton. His original first appearance is in the series Professor Layton and the Specters Flute. He's actually a very special kid that can talk with animals. He's shows anger towards fans in the first appearance. Normally he never behaves that scary. It seems that he has some what relationship with Lily Alenbird. It where be showed also in the Specters Flute.


Luke is a very energetic boy with light brown hair and wears a blue sweater. He has a very special talent: talking with animals. He is born in Mist Haley and is the son of Clark Triton and Brenda Triton. After that everything is finished, Luke became a big fan of Layton and his puzzle skills that he wants to be his assistant to be like him. It is not known how Luke became Layton's assistant, maybe mostly knowable is that the father of Luke where assist to take Luke under Layton's care.

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