Painting Scrap

The Painting Scrap
Chapter 2

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Received by Solve Puzzle 14,17,26

If you could remember, Matthew give you a empty Painting Frame. Layton and Luke are going to start painting everytime when you solves a puzzle. There are in total 20 scraps.

Where to find them

  • Matthew give you alongside the painting frame also a painting scrap.
  • If you solved puzzle 14 in the general store after taping on the chairs.
  • If you solved puzzle 17 for Stachen to receive a Painting Scrap, he hang around the entrance of the village.
  • Tap the dirty jar by the Park Gate and solve puzzle 26 for Professor Layton. Afterwards, you will find a painting scrap in the jar.
Professor Layton Items
Items: Painting ScrapGimozLacqured StoolHandwoven RugPine BedBlue BedStuffed BearCream RugBookcaseTeak BureauTelevisionSimple ChairDeskPile of BooksWall ClockSplendid PaintingWorld MapFlower VaseReading LampGramophoneGlobeHouseplantFlower BouquetStuffed ChairHat RackFossilViolinArtisan's TeapotBone China TeacupMysterious BottleBaron StatueTeak Table

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