In every Professor Layton game there are chapters. Each cahapters is shown how far you are in the game. Every game hase their own lenght in chapters and evenly somethime's their own movies.

Curious Village Chapters

# Chapters Puzzles in the game
1 Reinhold Manor Awaits 9
2 The Fugitive Feline 17
3 The Missing Servant 20
4 Night Falls 23
5 The Hunt Begins 19
6 The Elusive Tower 8
7 The Abandoned Park 11
8 The Shadowy Intruder 2
9 The Tower's Secret 7

Diabolical Box Chapters

# Chapters Puzzles in the game
1 The Legendary Molentary Express
2 The Country Village of Dropstone
3 A Diverging Path
4 The Phantom Town of Folsense
5 Shadows on the Street Corner
6 The Road to Herzen Castle
7 An Encounter at the End of the Line