There are also Items that you can receive in the Professor Layton games. Evenly for me, I will start with the curious village.

Items of the Curious Village

# Items Needfull
1 Painting Scrap
2 Gimoz
3 Lacqured Stool Layton
4 Handwoven Rug Layton
5 Pine Bed Layton
6 Blue Bed Luke
7 Stuffed Bear Luke
8 Cream Rug Luke
9 Bookcase Luke
10 Teak Bureau Layton
11 Television Luke
12 Simple Chair Luke
13 Desk Luke
14 Pile of Books Luke
15 Wall Clock Layton
16 Splendid Painting Layton
17 World Map Luke
18 Flower Vase Layton
19 Reading Lamp Luke
20 Gramophone Layton
21 Globe Luke
22 Houseplant Layton
23 Flower Bouquet Layton
24 Stuffed Chair Layton
25 Hat Rack Layton
26 Fossil Layton
27 Violin Luke
28 Artisan's Teapot Layton
29 Bone China Teacup Layton
30 Mysterious Bottle Layton
31 Baron Statue Layton
32 Teak Table Layton

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