The novels where been created after Professor Layton's popularity in Japan. The novels have not yet appeared in North America.


# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
Professor Layton Book 1 Wandering Castle (レイトン教授とさまよえる城, Reiton kyōju to samayoeru shiro) December 19, 2008 -
The people of London have witnessed an enormous castle floating in the sky. As many people have been disappearing, Gressenheller University's Professor Hershel Layton is called to investigate the Wandering Castle, and find the people who have vanished.
Professor Layton Book 2 The Phantom Deity (レイトン教授と怪人ゴッド, Reiton kyōju to kaijin goddo) December 16, 2009 -
Throughout London, a series of art thefts has been taking place. To count, exactly seven famous paintings, artifacts, and other works of art have been stolen from the area from a mysterious Phantom Deity, who disappears into the night sky every time he is seen. Professor Layton, Luke, and Remi have been called from Scotland Yard, Inspector Grosky to stop the Phantom Deity, and find the missing items.
Eternal Diva Novel The Eternal Diva - -
It's a novel based on the movie.