Professor Layton Series Chapters are been based on the Professor Layton games. Every game hase their own chapters, and with several puzzle's there in. That's the reason why i'm making a list about it.

Note: Some of the information can also been founded back in the Professor Layton series in this wiki, bicause it is almost exact that i created the pages.

Chapters ListEdit

The chapters are comming all out from the Professor Layton games. The series of total where been based by myself after playing the games. Knownable is that the information that is in here come's from my own wiki pages that are written on the games where they belong, but there they have more information than normally.

Professor Layton and the Curious VillageEdit

The first game of Professor Layton, after that Layton received a letter from Miss Dahlila the widow of the late Baron Augustus Reinhold. After to gonna seek the truth behind the mystery Layton must gonna find out the truth behind this puzzle.

Chapter Series Name Puzzle's Total
Chapter 1 Reinhold Manor Awaits 5
Chapter 2 The Fugitive Feline
Chapter 3 The Missing Servant
Chapter 4 Night Falls
Chapter 5 The Hunt Begins
Chapter 6 The Elusive Tower
Chapter 7 The Abandoned Park
Chapter 8 The Shadowy Intruder
Chapter 9 The Tower's Secret

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Edit