This wiki must gonna be perfect, but if you wanna make the page verry perfect either you can. If you got an idea for an article you can add one but you must gonna following under this.

  • Characters Page: If you created a new characters page, you must always gonna add the table of the games about his role, always add the into of the characters. If you go a quote known of the character you can add it also there.
  • The Personaluty, games etc.: That must always appear verry up, you must gonna write always the game information seperatly.
  • Image: If you have a great image of the character you can add it right there.
  • Personality: If you have more information of the characters, you must gonna write it greatly and it must gonna be true.
  • References: Write usefull references, if you write about the same thing what happened to Detective-konan wiki you will be banned forever bicause that's child behavior.
Rules of Layton
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