Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
Game Information
Release Date (JPN) Fall 2010
Release Date (USA) Not known
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Pushlishing Info
Devolpers Level-5
Genres Puzzle, Mystery, Advanture

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (レイトン教授と奇跡の仮面, Layton-kyōju to Kiseki no Kamen) is the fifth game of the third story chronologically. The series whill shown that Professor Layton and Luke where following Jean Descole. The series maybe only appear on Nintendo 3DS the new version of the Nintendo DS. It's not knownable known if there's a normal version of that to go on the regulair Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi.


Professor Layton and Luke are following Jean Descole to the mysterious Domino City about the strange mask he wear. It is then later known that he wears the Mask of Miracle. Layton and Luke are trying to find the truth deep inside the mask.


  • Luke Triton: Layton's Assistent, Layton is a good friend of Clark Triton, Luke's father.
  • Remi Altava: Original Layton's first assistent, is been discribed as a heroine.
  • Rosa Grims: Layton's housekeeper
  • Clamp Grosky: Chelmey's replacement as the detective assigned to the case
  • Keyte: Granny Riddleton's cat, who takes over her job of keeping puzzles
  • Jean Descole: Layton's rival in the rest of the series.
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