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Professor Layton and the Wandering Castle
Professor Layton Book 1
Author Satoshi Yanagihara
Illustrator Noriko Maruya,
Tadashi Takamura,
Taku Nagano
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Series Professor Layton's First Series
Genre Novel
Publisher Level-5
Publication date December 19, 2008
Pages 319
ISBN ISBN-9784092897175
Chapter Chronology

Professor Layton and the Wandering Castle (レイトン教授とさまよえる城) is the first book based on the Professor Layton series. The book is the first Professor Layton novel, followed by Professor Layton and the Phantom Deity.

Plot summary

The people of London have witnessed an enormous castle floating in the sky. As many people have been disappearing, Gressenheller University's Professor Hershel Layton is called to investigate the Wandering Castle, and find the people who have vanished.

Main characters

  • Professor Hershel Layton- A professor of archaelogy at Gressenheller University. He has a love of puzzles, and his famous intuition has made him a mini-celebrity through all the mysteries he has solved. But he always remembers to behave like a gentleman.
  • Luke Triton- The self-proclaimed assistant to Professor Layton. He accompanies the Professor to solve the many mysteries. He has a talent that allows him to talk to animals.
  • Andrew Schrader- Professor Layton's mentor. He is very old with a white beard on the bottom of his face. He supplies Layton with information to solve the mysteries.
  • Thomas McLuhan- A friend of Doctor Schrader, he vanished and it is believed the Wandering Castle is to blame.
  • Jeremy Campbell- An intelligent scientist, who is also very good friends with the Professor.
  • Inspector Chelmey- Scotland Yard's famous detective. He tries to solve the mysteries, but Layton and Luke agree that his logic is poor. He enjoys his wife's sweet potato fritters on his days off.
  • Constable Barton- Inspector Chelmey's assistant. He knows when Chelmey is wrong, but is always told not to correct his boss.
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