Where's My House

Chapter 1

Puzzle Information

Picarats Worth 20
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Where's My House is the 4th puzzle from The Curious Village that hase been sugested by Pergy from St. Mystere.

Puzzle InformationEdit


house of Pergy

The puzzle contains you to find the house of Pergy, the image that you see here gives you the answer to get the house.

Note: This is the only answer that I give free

You must gonna circle the house of Pergy and solve this puzzle.

Puzzle Information 2Edit

Can you find my house?

Go out the front door of my place and turn left. At the first intersection you come across, take a right.Turn right again at the following intersection, and you'll come face-to-face with the morning sun. Circle my house.

Puzzle's TruthEdit

That's Right! This is a problem where working backward gets the job done fastest. It takes far too long to check each house individually!