Reinhold Manor Awaits
Reinhold Monor Await
Name Reinhold Manor Awaits
Puzzles 9

Reinhold Manor Awaits is originally the verry first chapter of the Professor Layton series in the Curious Village. You must gonna find a way to the Reinhold Manor on the East of the Town.



Talk to an person named Percy to play Puzzle 4. If you solve the puzzle he will tell the information that he knows about the Reinholds. If you tap on the Clock Tower you will open Puzzle 5, after that you must gonna leave the plaza to get on the Manor Hold.

Manor Road

Talk to Marco to get puzzle 6, Marco where blocking your way, but if you solves the puzzle he will move out of the street and allows you to past.

Manor Border

If you wanna cross the river you must gonna talk to Ramon, he will opens Puzzle 7 (one that you can also play at the demo). After that you must gonna tap the flower patch lining to the river to unlock Puzzle 8, move across the river to the Reinhold Manor.

Reinhold Manor

There only Hint Coints, but you need them if you where stuck with a extremly brain-teasing puzzle. Tap on the Manor door to gon futher.

Manor Foyer

Matthew will talk to you, he ask if you can solve Puzzle 9. Solve the puzzle to get access to the Manor Parlor. If you tap on the portraits along the right wall. The portraits are of the late Baron Reinhold's daughter Flora. Matthew sees that you have some intrest in the painting anf give you an emty painting frame. He also gives you a painting scrap to start your collection. If you tap on the middle of the bookcase to get play Puzzle 10. If you head upstairs, a cinema scene that Professor Layton meets Lady Dahlia. If they where only shaking hands a loud noise appears and the cat of Lady Dahlia starting to dissapear.

Manor Parlor

Talk then to Simo to get Puzzle 11. If you tap on the chandelier above Gordon's head to get Puzzle 110. If you talk to Lady Dahlia, Lady Dahlia is inconsolably distraught at the disappearance of her cat Claudia, then she's gonna blame Professor Layton for her escape and insists that he must gonna go, Layton promises to do so. This is the end of Chapter 1

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