The Elusive Tower
The Elusive Tower
Name The Elusive Tower
Puzzles 8

After all the comotion on Simon and now a mystery around Inspector Chelmey and the mysterious man, Layton and Luke desided to investigate the mysterious tower in St. Mystere to get there all their answers.



If you talk to Percey he will give you puzzle 72, after solving the puzzle, he will give you a Reading Lamp (Give it to Luke). Then enter the Town Hall.

Town Hall

Then talk to Rodney, he will give some advice and then gives you puzzle 73, after solving the puzzle he will give you a Gramophone (give it to Layton). Then stop at the Manor Border befor heading to the Clock Tower.

Manor Border

Ramon thinks that you where looking a little bit tense, and gives you puzzle 93 to loosen you up. Solve it to find the painting scrap, then after that head to the Clock Tower into the house of Archibald.


If you talk to Archibald he need help with a puzzle, so puzzle 109 appears and after you solved the puzzle he will give you a teak table (Give it to Layton) and then make your way to the Northern Path and into Prosciutto's.

Northern Path


Talk then Prosciutto and he will stop eating for a moment to give you puzzle 104, after solving the puzzle he will give you a Baron Statue (Give it to Layton). Make your way to the Market and then go to the Path Entrance.

Path Entrance

There is nobody in this area with who you can talk, but tap on the red sign and you will see the hidden puzzle 119, then head North.

Tower Road

Tap on the rightmost window to get the hidden puzzle 117, then talk to Martha and she'll give you puzzle 102, before moving on further, tap on the shiny paper by Martha's feet, the paper sontains the author's desire to create a tribute to Lady Violet, Professor Layton seems to have an idea what this means but he keeps that to hisself, then move north.

Dead End

You will come to an dead end and then a scene will be appeared that a mysterious girl appeared, but she where going off when she wanna giveing the informations. After that you meeted the msyeterious girl there's a Ferris Wheel ticket that you will find, They then decided to check out the park, but the Investigation is a lot more dangerouser than it seems. Chapter 6 hase come to an end. Now go ahead straight to the Park Gate.

Park Gate

Tap on the park gate sign and Layton suggest they will go to the Town Hall to have somebody that can open the gate. Then chapter 7 appears.

Curious Village Chapters
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